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August 14, 2018

How To Use Podcasts As A Prospecting Tool With James Carbary

What’s up, everybody!

Welcome to a new episode of The Social Media Growth Show.

Sorry about last week, it’s been hard to keep it consistent when you’re traveling.

how to use podcasts as a prospecting tool

But I’m now in Estonia and plan to be here for a while, so I guarantee you’ll be hearing more from me now.

If you didn’t listen to my last episode, do it. I had another great interview with Tim Hyde, and we talked about viral campaigns, viral videos, and video marketing. If you’re into that, you need to listen to episode 20

Today, I bring you another interview.

Yes, I’m on a roll.

Today, I interview James Carbary, the King of B2B podcasting and the founder of a company called Sweet Fish Media a company that produces podcast content for B2B brands and hosts a podcast called the B2B Growth Show. I used to listen to him every single day on my commute into work when I worked at Hootsuite.

You probably don’t know this, but James’ show inspired me to start my own podcast. I finally met James when I was in Orlando, Florida last month and we had a blast.

James carbary podcasts prospecting

Today, we’ll talk about podcasting, and he will share some tips and tricks on how to grow your podcast show.

Thank you for joining us today, everybody. You’re great.

Let’s get started, everybody.

What’s Today’s Show All About

  • Who’s James Carbary
  • Why Podcasts Are A Great Prospecting Tool
  • How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients
  • James’ Book Recommendation

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