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March 7, 2018

How To Sell More Effectively With Sales & Business Coach Liston Witherill

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s episode.

I’m really excited about this one because today we have sales and marketing pro, business coach, and good friend of mine Liston Witherill on the show.

Liston and I have known each other for a couple of months now. Our friendship actually started when I was invited to be a guest on his podcast.

Now tables have turned and I have Liston as a guest on today’s episode of The Social Media Growth Show.

Liston owns his own coaching business where his main goal is to help freelancers and consultants sell with confidence, this often turns into talking about their direction and the reasons why they might not be achieving their goals. Liston is really keen on coaching and teaching people about how to not only sell more effectively but to also improve their lives.

Liston has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and spent some time earlier in his career focused on environmental consulting; even more surprisingly, he’s also been know to spit some fire bars. You can check his tunes here.

When it comes to his work, Liston’s perspective is quite different to the rest as he’s more interested on the psychological aspect of sales, human cognition, and how people make decisions.

When I asked him about what made him want to become an entrepreneur and run his own business, he said:

“That’s a good question; that’s like, a question my therapist would ask me.”

What’s Today’s Episode Is All About

  1. Liston’s Short Bio
  2. Liston’s 8 Keys on How to Sell More Effectively

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