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September 4, 2018

How To Position Yourself Better As A Freelancer

Welcome to another episode of The Social Media Growth Show!

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positioning yourself better as a freelancer

In this show, I do two things: One, I share the latest tips and tricks about social media; and two, I interview thought leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and overall amazing people with incredible things to share.

Last week, I talked about the reasons I moved to Tallinn and also talked a bit about LinkedIn video, and two episodes ago, I interviewed my man James Carbary from Sweet Fish, and we talked about B2B podcasts.

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This week, I’m interviewing Daniel Bechsgaard, a crazy successful copywriter and king of positioning. Daniel also trains and coaches other freelancers in his group, Freelancer Success Community.

You should definitely check that group out.

Daniel, nice to meet you!

Let's get started, everybody. I hope you brought your fireproof suit with you, because this episode is HOT. 

What's Today's Show All About

  • Who’s Daniel Bechsgaard And How He Got Into Copywriting
  • How To Provide Value And Position Yourself Better As a Freelancer
  • Daniel’s Keys To Positioning Yourself As A Freelancer 

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